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Chef Gregory’s is one of the leading catering service providers in the Central Coast area. Our mission is to provide all our clients with innovative, high-quality services at competitive prices, no matter the size.

Peanut Brittle

Our Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle is hand-made using an old Southern family recipe from 1899. A Buttery, crunchy, nutty goodness in every bite. At Chef Gregory’s we always start with the highest quality products; Red-Skinned Peanuts, Madagascar Vanilla, Himalayan salt, fresh butter.

Lemongrass- Lime Leaf

This is a very strong flavor-forward of lemongrass with a hint of lime leaf this is the Kaffir lime from Asia. This is a very refreshing sweet, buttery the slightly salty crunchy goodness if you enjoy Thai food you will probably enjoy this!

Habanero – Roasted Garlic

This is a blend of habanero and roasted garlic as the title indicates however, this is a spicy, sweet, savory, crunchy, and buttery flavor. If you do not like spiciness, you will not enjoy this. However, if you like the heat this is your brittle, also try our cinnamon Cayenne which is got a lot of heat as well it sneaks up on you and stays with you for a while.

Maple Bacon

Our maple bacon is a maple forward flavor and a very strong taste of bacon to follow so you get sweet then, salty and crunchy, and did I mention bacon and peanuts in every bite. If you are a bacon fan you are going to love this, it is absolutely amazing!!!!

Thai Ginger

This is a very gingery flavor with a slight bit of spice to it, if you enjoy gingerroot in Asian cuisine you will enjoy this Thai ginger flavor!

Pumpkin Pie for the Holidays

This has the traditional flavor of pumpkin pie by tasting cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little bit of allspice to create that pumpkin pie flavor. This is only around for the holidays.

Peppermint Chocolate

This is another holiday special type of brittle, we have incorporated the flavor of peppermint and chocolate into our brittle. This is a peppermint forward then sweetness and chocolate and buttery goodness. If you enjoy the candy canes and chocolate-covered candy canes you will truly enjoy this.

Southwestern Flair Mild

This is one of our southwestern flair seasonings that has been incorporated into the peanut brittle, it has a great flavor of the southwest with a very-little hint of heat to it. If you want one that’s got a bit more heat, then please get the spicy version.

Barbecue Smokehouse

Now you probably think it is not possible, how do they do this? Well let me tell you it is possible and I did do it!! This has a very smokey flavor of the taste of BBQ if you enjoy the flavor of Smokey Barbecue you will get a kick out of the Barbecue brittle!!!

Bourbon Whiskey

A combination of Tennessee whiskey and a mixture of sweet nutty and buttery goodness with a little bit of a burn on the backside as alcohol tends to do. You will not be disappointed with this Bourbon Brittle combination!

Cappuccino Tiramisu

If you enjoy tiramisu and you like coffee this is a wonderful combination of the two period this is a slight mocha with a slight chocolate flavor as you would expect in a cappuccino, then you are truly going to enjoy this!!

Chipotle with Adobo

This particular peanut brittle has a great flavor of adobo with the kick of Chipotle chili, this is a slightly spicy flavor. If you do not enjoy spiciness then please do not order this because it has a kick!

Mint Chocolate

Well what can we say if you enjoy mint chocolate chip ice cream, then you are truly going to enjoy this! Our mint chocolate peanut brittle has a very forward flavor of mint with a background of chocolate and peanuts and a nice crunchy buttery finish!!!

Banana Bacon

this particular peanut brittle was quite the process in the development. it was very tough trying to find the right banana to use in order to make this brittle, having said that this is a very well balanced bacon and banana flavor. This is one of the appetizers that I have been making that I picked up from the islands back in the early 70s. So if you enjoy the Hawaiian cuisine and you think that they’ve got a handle on there appetizers this is a great combination!!!

Peanut Butter

Now you’re probably thinking how do you make peanut brittle taste like peanut butter when there are peanuts in it? Well, what we wind up doing is we have a very good peanut butter flavor because you don’t get it normally with peanut brittle. So, this is a peanut butter-forward flavor with sweet, salty, and crunchy buttery goodness!! if you like peanut butter this one will take you by surprise.

The Elvis Special!

Ok, here we go!! the Elvis special, without a doubt a very unique and wonderful combination of peanut butter bacon, and banana. this peanut brittle has all three of these flavors and you can taste him in there, if you’re a fan of the Elvis special sandwich then you will dig the Elvis special peanut brittle!

Vanilla Butter

It says it all, a stronger combination of vanilla and a bit more butter to create this wonderful forward flavor of vanilla along with the typical sweet, crunchy and buttery goodness!!

Mind Haze Double IPA

This is truly a rarity and quite the good combo of beer and brittle all in one. If you are a fan of the Mind Haze double IPA, this has that flavor incorporated into it without the alcohol. As we cook with our beer the alcohol disappears in the steam vapor. however, this is quite the intoxicating flavor!

Southwestern Flair-Spicy

Oh my God someone dial 911!! OK watch out for this one! this has got some heat to it and it keeps on coming 🙂 for those of you that have the need to eat fire and enjoy some sweet crunchy peanutty goodness at the same time, well this is your deal right here!!

Cinnamon Cayenne

What can I say about this our friends do it best from South of the border a mix of heat and sweet together, a perfect combination of cinnamon and spice, makes all things nice!!

Big Sur IPA (double) from BarrelHouse

This is a local brewery here in Templeton that produces a very good double IPA, we have taken the flavor from this and put it into the peanut brittle through a slight bit of science and a little bit of luck, we’ve come up with a peanut brittle that has the flavor of the beer. And it tastes great!!