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Peanut Brittles


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 5 in
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Lemongrass- Lime, Habanero – Roasted Garlic, Maple Bacon, Thai Ginger, Habanero Roasted Garlic, Lemongrass Lime Leaf, Maple bacon, Regular, Pumpkin Pie for the Holidays, Peppermint Chocolate, Southwestern Flair Mild, Barbecue Smokehouse, Bourbon Whiskey, Cappuccino Tiramisu, Chipotle with Adobo, Mint Chocolate, Banana Bacon, Peanut Butter, The Elvis Special!, Vanilla Butter, Mind Haze Double IPA, Southwestern Flair-Spicy, Cinnamon Cayenne, Big Sur IPA (double) from BarrelHouse

1 review for Peanut Brittles

  1. Derek Bettencourt

    The Mint Chocolate Peanut Brittle is my personal favorite. Love the variety of flavor profiles. The Whiskey Peanut Brittle was a hit for the holidays.

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