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Ginger Soy Dressing (LOW-FAT TOO!!!)


This 13 Ounce bottle of Ginger Soy Dressing was developed after working with many resorts, hotels, and restaurants around the world; with a big inspiration from the Kona Village Resort (KVR) on the Big Island in Hawaii. After enjoying many of the fresh flavors and the Polynesian culture, this product was created and developed into something absolutely heavenly. This Ginger Soy Dressing is made with the freshest organic herbs and the highest quality ingredients to make this outstanding product!

If you enjoy sushi and the pickled ginger that comes along on the plate, you will truly love this dressing. A combination of ginger, soy sauce, fresh herbs, vinegar, and a hint of sesame oil is combined to make this incredible dressing. A traditional Polynesian vinegar is used to give it its unique and flavorful taste.

Uses for this dressing are endless, such as; a marinade and a dipping sauce, a great finishing sauce for sushi rolls, or for a dipping sauce for spring rolls and potstickers.

Much Aloha,
Chef Gregory K.

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 1.7 × 0.18 in


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